::Accu-sort 아쿠소트 산업용 1D 2D 바코드스캐너 ACCU-SORT Barcode Fixed Scanner
Line Scanner & Omnidirectionl barcode Scanner, 고정식 레이져 1D 2D 바코드 스캐너
제조,물류,Sorting,자동화,자동차부품,반도체,컨베이너,EMS.POP 등 SOLUTION 구축 적합

::산업용바코드스캐너, 고정형바코드스캐너 : Accusort Industrial BarCode Scanner M10 M20II M22Ⅱ M24Ⅱ AccuLazr™ AL5010 AdaptaScan MINI-X Ⅱ XLT-200 QUAD/DOUBLE-X M24 AdaptaScan AV4000



<Aucc-Sort Fixed Scanners : M20 Series II>
:: 산업용 바코드 고정형 스캐너 :: M-20

The Model 20II's state-of-the-art scanning optics are designed to take the guesswork out of fixed position scanning applications. The unit's flexibility and performance allow it to read the most commonly used bar code densities at predefined mounting distances.

M-20 Series II Data Sheet

<Aucc-Sort Fixed Scanners : M22 Series II>
:: 산업용 바코드 고정형 스캐너 :: M-22

Accu-Sort's enhanced Model 22 Series II has a rugged NEMA-12 rated construction and a stronger thread-on connector ensuring reliable power coupling. The combination of these new features yields a very robust enclosure for applications requiring durability.

M-22 Series II Data Sheet

< AdaptaScan(2755-SN3,5,8) --- 단종됨 >
:: 바코드 고정형 스캐너 -- 단종 = 대체장비 AL-5010 ::

Accu-Sort has acquired the AdaptaScan as a valuable addition to its product line. Slotted in price and scanning performance between our Models 22 and 24, the unparalleled flexibility of the AdaptaScan makes it ideally suited for distribution channels and installations where several different scanner configurations are required under one roof.
Model : 300 scan(2755-SN3), 500 scan(2755-SN5), 800 scan(2755-SN8)

Adaptascan(2755-SN3,2755-SN5,2755-SN8) Data Sheet

< Accu-Sort’s AccuLazr™ AL5010 >
:: 바코드 고정형 스캐너 ::

The AccuLazr™ AL5010 is Accu-Sort’s new line of compact mid-range barcode scanning solutions designed with industrial and manufacturing applications in mind. Housed in a rugged IP65-rated enclosure, the AL5010 series offers high-speed scanning up to 1200 scans per second capable of handling the most demanding applications. All AccuLazr readers include a mounting base and plug-in scan head. The scan head is available in five models for standard, medium, and high density codes, all with optional Adjustable Raster.

<Aucc-Sort Fixed Scanners : M24 Series II>
:: 산업용 바코드 고정형 스캐너 :: M-24

Accu-Sort's enhanced Model 24 Series II is compatible with most popular connectivity methods including Ethernet, Profibus and DeviceNet. The Model 24's long range and superior performance, rounds out the top of our line scanner family..

M-24 Series II Data Sheet

<Aucc-Sort Fixed Scanners:Mini X Series II>
:: 산업용 바코드 고정형 스캐너 :: Mini-X

The enhanced Mini-X Series II is compatible with most popular connectivity methods, including Ethernet, Profibus and DeviceNet. This unit provides high performance omni-directinal scanning at a low price. Flexible configurations guarantee the best possible fit to your application.

Mini-X Series II Data Sheet

<Aucc-Sort Fixed Scanners : Quad,Double X>
:: 산업용 바코드 고정형 스캐너 :: Quad,Double-X

The Quad-X provides incomparable performance at an economical price, along with maximum reliability and easy- to-use diagnostics.

Quad-X,Double-X Data Sheet

<Aucc-Sort Fixed Scanners : AXIOM-X™ >
:: 산업용 고정형 바코드 스캐너 :: AXIOM-X (S/W:AXCESS for AXIOM)

Omnidirectional Laser Bar Code Reader Omnidirectional scanning just got smaller, faster, and more accurate! (특징)- Highest read performance , Largest coverage , Fastest installation ,Easy "plug-and-play" replacement No maintenance The Quad-X provides incomparable performance at an economical price, along with maximum reliability and easy- to-use diagnostics.


<Aucc-Sort Fixed Scanners : XLT200>
:: 산업용 바코드 고정형 스캐너 :: XLT-200

The Accu-Sort XLT-200 omnidirectional scanner provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for applications where high scan rates are not required.

XLT-200 Data Sheet

<Aucc-Sort Fixed Scanners : AV4000>
:: 산업용 바코드 고정형 스캐너 Real-Time Imaging System :: AV4000

The Accu-Sort AV4000 Real-Time Imaging System. Read Rate, Reliability, Radical,Higher read rates than lasers and competing solutions, 1D,2D barcode reading,Ability to read poor quality and damaged codes, Image capture,archiving.

AV4000 Data Sheet

Accusort Barcode Scanners -Long-Range :AV4000 2.0 CCD Camera Double-X/Quad-X XLT-200
Accusort Barcode Scanners -Medium-Range :Model 22II Model 24 AXIOM AdaptaScan Mini-X
Accusort Barcode Scanners -Short-Range :Model 7 Model 10 Model 20II
Line Scanner : M-10,M-22Ⅱ,M-24Ⅱ, Omni directional Scanner: MINI-X Ⅱ,XLT-200,QUAD/DOUBLE-X
AXIOM-X™ AXCESS™ for AXIOM™ , CCD Based Imaging system :AccuVision 1520,AccuVision 4000


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