::OMRON 오므론 Microscan 1D 2D 바코드스캐너, OMRON 산업용 고정식 QR코드 리더
:OMRON Microscan Barcode Scanner 제품은 다양한 기능의 1D,2D 바코드,1차원바코드
2차원 바코드 용도로 제조,물류,자동화,EMS,POP,자동화 산업 현장 SOLUTION 구축 적합

:: OMRON 오므론 산업용 바코드스캐너 : OMRON Bar Code Scanner MS-1 MS-2 MS-3 Laser MS-4 MS9 MS820
QS-830 QS-870 MS860 MS880 MS890 MS911 2D 코드 리더 Mini Quadrus MINI 3 MS-Q Quadrus DPM MS-Q
- 기계 비전시스템 : Vision HAWK 스마트 카메라 MV20,30,40,Vision MINI 스마트 카메라, Visionscape GigE,VS-1
- OMRON 자동 ID 바코드 고정식 리더 판독기 : MS-1, MS-2, MS-3, MS-9, QX-830,QX-870, MS-890 바코드리더기
- OMRON ID 2D 리더 : MS-2D,MS-4,MS-4X,MS-4Xi,MINI Hawk,MINI Hawk Xi,QX Hawk,MicroHAWK ID20,30,40
- OMRON 오므론 자동 ID 2D 바코드 리더 스캐너: HS-1,HS-21,HS-41X,51X,Mobile Hawk, 2D 바코드스캐너 V430-F



<OMRON Microscan Fixed Scanners : MS820>
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 :: MS-820

Microscan barcode Fixed Compact single line scanner optimized for reading small high-density symbols.

MS-820 Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan Fixed Scanners : QX-830>
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 :: QX 830

The QX-830 laser scanner combines revolutionary flexible connectivity with high performance decoding capabilities to reliably read 1D bar codes in almost any automation environment. High performance, simple connectivity, and IP65 enclosure make the QX-830 an ideal laser scanner for any industrial application.
해독바코드 : All standard linear bar codes,PDF417,MicroPDF,GS1 Databar

QX-830 Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan Fixed Scanners : QX-870 >
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 :: QX 870 (MS-860 UpGrade)

The QX-870 laser scanner partners the latest technologies in barcode reading and connectivity into an easy to use solution for barcode track, trace and control applications. Simple to set up and deploy, the QX-870 an ideal laser scanner for any industrial application.
해독바코드 : All standard linear bar codes,PDF417,MicroPDF,GS1 Databar

QX-870 Data Sheet

< Quick Connect Interface Device : QX-1 interface Box >
:: QX 1 The QX-1 interface device distributes power,communications, and I/O, and simplifies installation of QX Platform products

QX-1 Interface box Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan Fixed Scanners 1D/DFP417 : MS860>
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 :: MS850 Upgrade모델 MS-860

The Microscan MS-860 is ideal for industrial scanning or wherever a fixed-placement scanner is needed. The MS-860 makes reading barcodes and stacked 2D codes easy. Push-button calibration and a fully programmable feature set enable you to quickly and easily configure the scanner to meet your needs. Raster settings are programmable to read multiple symbols at different locations or at varying distances.

MS-860 Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan 1D/DFP417 Fixed Scanners : MS880>
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 :: MS-880

Versatile scanner for a wide variety of uses throughout the factory floor. Reads bar codes up to 10 feet (3048 mm) away.

MS-880 Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan 1D/DFP417 Fixed Scanners : MS890>
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 :: MS-890

Microscan's newest industrial laser bar code scanner features extended read range and easy programming. The MS-890 reads both linear and stacked codes whether damaged, poorly printed or skewed. Versatility and rugged design make the MS-890 the ideal multi-purpose scanner for the toughest industrial bar code tracking applications..

MS-890 Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan 2D Fixed Scanners : MS Quadrus EZ >
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 :: MS-Quadrus EZ

Easy scanning solution for 1D and 2D symbols. Instant scanning at the push of a button, no computer required. Versatile industrial 2D reader. Excellent for reading laser-etch and dot peen symbols in factory environment.

MS-Quadrus Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan 2D Fixed Scanners : MS Quadrus EZ DPM >
:: 2D 바코드고정형스캐너 :: Quadrus EZ DPM

The Quadrus EZ DPM imager is optimized for low contrast direct part mark (DPM) reading. The even illumination from the light diffuser and unique LED array allows easy decoding of the symbols directly marked by dot peen, laser etch and chemical etch that are applied to materials such as metal, plastic, rubber and glass

MS-Quadrus EZ DPM Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan 2D Fixed Scanners : MS Quadrus Mini>
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 :: MS-Quadrus mini

The Quadrus MINI is the world’s smallest high resolution imager and the first to offer true auto focus for ultimate flexibility in factory automation and electronics product identification.
-True auto focus, - Up to 10 decodes/second,- Focal range: 2 to 6" (50.8 to 152.4 mm), - Read performance LEDs,- Internal diagnostics

MS-Quadrus mini Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan 2D Scanner : MicroHAWK ID-20,ID-30,ID-40>
:: 2D 바코드스캐너 :: MicroHAWK Barcode Readers

The MicroHAWK family of Barcode Readers offers the most versatile decoding power available within the world's smallest industrial barcode readers. Built on the highest-performance imaging engine in its class, MicroHAWK readers offer an array of modular hardware options to take on any decoding task in three micro form factors. Paired with the new WebLink browser-based barcode reading interface, plus liquid lens autofocus (ID-30, ID-40)

Microhawk ID-20 Data Sheet
Microhawk ID-30 Data Sheet
Microhawk ID-40 Data Sheet

<OMRON 2D Scanner : OMRON V430-F 시리즈>
:: 2D 바코드스캐너 :: OMRON V430-F 자동 조정 멀티 코드 리더

V430-F는 동급 최소 사이즈에 최첨단 기능이 가득 담긴 제품입니다.액체 렌즈를 내장하여 높낮이가 다른 코드를 안정적으로 판독할 수 있습니다.ㆍ동급 최고 500만 화소* 동급 최소 사이즈* 초점 거리 50mm~300mmㆍ최대 30°의 경사 판독 가능

omron_V430-F Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan 2D Imager Scanner : MS4>
:: 2D,1D 바코드고정형스캐너 Compact Imager Scanner :: MS-4

MS-4 Imager is the smallest high performance imager. Its compact size.Omni-Directional Reading.Up to 10 decodes/second.

MS-4 imager Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan Fixed Scanners : MS3>
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 Compact Laser Scanner :: MS-3

The MS-3 laser scanner offers the fastest read performance in embedded compact bar code scanners. The wide scan angle of 70 degrees is coupled with ultra-compact size and flexible mounting.

MS-3 Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan Fixed Scanners : MS2>
:: MS-2 Ultra-Compact CCD Reader :: MS-2

The user-friendly MS-2 is a fully packaged CCD reader, offering easy integration and several configurations to meet a variety of needs. Advanced CCD technology is coupled with world-class algorithms to ensure easy and accurate decoding of small, damaged or poorly printed codes

MS-2 Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan Fixed Scanner 엔진 : MS1>
:: 소형 바코드 엔진 MS-1 Scan Engine :: MS-1

The MS-1 is one of the smallest and lightest fully decoded scan engines in its class. Featuring small size and reliable performance with minimal budget impact, it offers embedded power management, a bi-directional serial link for dynamic configuration, and both a low and high density version ? Kiosks ? Point-of-sale terminals ? Bank ATMs ? Robotics ? Clinical instruments
** 1Pack=8개 MS-1 Scan Engine 포장 = 주문단위임 ***

MS-1 Data Sheet
MS-1 manual Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan Fixed Scanners : MS9 , MS911 >
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 :: MS-9 , MS-911

Capable of decoding 2,000 scans per second in real time, the MS-9 delivers a decode rate unmatched among small fixed mount scanners.

Microscan MS-9 Data Sheet
Microscan MS-911 Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan Fixed Scanners Mounting Arms>
:: 바코드고정형스캐너 설치다이 : Mounting Arms

The Microscan mounting arm is a robust device for mounting unattended bar code scanners in virtually any environment, including industrial applications.

Fixed Scanners Mounting Arms Data Sheet

<OMRON Microscan 자동 ID 2D 핸드헬드 : Mobile Hawk >
:: 바코드 1D,2D DPM용 핸드리더 :: Mobile Hawk

Mobile Hawk는 세계 최고 성능의 휴대용으로 1D 바코드, 2D바코드을 직접 부품 마크(DPM)를 쉽게 판독 . 첨단 기술을 사용하여 Mobile Hawk는 MAXlite 조명을 X-모드 DPM 알고 리즘과 결합
복호/초: 최고 10,판독 범위: 2" (51mm)접촉,USB전원,인체공학적디자인

Microscan mobile hawk Data Sheet

<OMRON MICROSCAN HS-41X DPM 핸디 바코드 스캐너 >

: 2D,1D DPM 핸디 바코드 스캐너 : HS41X ::

The HS-41X is a compact handheld imager for decoding low contrast 2D symbols on substrates such as sheet metals, castings, plastics, and elec­tronic components. Its dual field optics are opti­mized to read both linear barcodes and 2D sym­bols, including challenging marks such as those created by direct part mark (DPM) methods such as dot peen and laser/chemical etch.

                        - X-Mode technology
                        - Sensor Array : 1280 x 960
                        - Interface : USB,RS232
                        - 용도 : DPM 제조공정,기타


<OMRON MICROSCAN HS-51X 무선 DPM 바코드 스캐너 >

: 2D,1D 무선 DPM 바코드 스캐너 : HS51X ::

The HS-51 and HS-51X imagers are high performance wireless handheld imagers for decoding both linear barcodes and 2D symbols, including direct part marks (DPM). They combine advanced decode algorithms and dual field optics with user-friendly features and the convenience of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity.

                        - X-Mode technology
                        - Sensor Array : 1280 x 960
                        - Interface : USB,RS232
                        - 용도 : DPM 제조공정,기타
                        - Battery life up to 50,000 reads


오므론 마이크로스캔: 기계 비전 시스템,자동 ID 바코드 판독기,자동 ID 2D 리더 및 베리파이어
자동 ID 2D 핸드헬드,자동 ID 소프트웨어, 연결 및 보조품, 머신 비전을 위한 정밀 조명 제품군

Microscan 비젼,1D,2D 제품 종합 카타로그

OMRON 오므론 비젼,1D,2D 제품 종합 카타로그

바코드 라벨,문서,출판,서적,티켓,복권등 고속용 인쇄기에서 동시 인쇄 및 바코드 Reading시

      OMRON Microscan Industrial Bar Code Scanner : MS-890 MS-880 MS-860 MS-820
      OMRON Microscan OEM/Embedded Bar Code Scanners : MS-9 MS-4 MS-3 Laser MS-3 CCD/Engine
      OMRON Microscan 2D Code Readers : Quadrus MINI Quadrus EZ DPM Quadrus Mini
       OMRON Microscan barcode scanner Product :: Industrial Bar Code Scanners
       - MS-911 :2000/Second ,120" (3048 mm) , Linear Bar
       - MS-890 :1000/Second ,120" (3048 mm) , Linear Bar Codes,PDF417
       - MS-880 :1000/Second ,120" (3048 mm) , Linear Bar Codes,PDF417
       - MS-860 :1200/Second , 47" (1193 mm) , Linear Bar Codes,2D Symbols
       - QX-870 :1200/Second , 47" (1193 mm) , 1D,PDF417 MicroPDF GS1 Databar
       - MS-820 : 1100/Second 30" (762 mm) Linear Bar Codes
       - QX-830 : 1100/Second 30" (762 mm) 1D,PDF417 MicroPDF GS1 Databar
       OMRON Microscan barcode scanner Product :: OEM/Embedded Bar Code Scanners
       - MS-9 : 2000/Second , 9" (229 mm) , Linear Bar Codes, RSS (linear & stacked)
       - MS-4 : 10 Decodes/Second , 6" (152.4 mm) , Data Matrix,QR, RSS Family,PDF417, Micro PDF,1D
       - MS-3 Laser : 1000/Second 10" (254 mm) Linear Bar Codes, PDF417
       - MS-3 CCD/Engine : 270/Second , 20" (408 mm) , Linear Bar Codes, RSS (linear & stacked)
       OMRON Microscan barcode scanner Product :: 2D Code Readers
       - Quadrus MINI : 10 Decodes/Second , 6" (152.4 mm) Data Matrix, RSS Family, PDF417, 1D Bar Codes
       - Quadrus EZ DPM : 60 decodes/Second , 10" (254 mm) , Data Matrix, RSS Family, PDF417, 1D
       - MS-Q Quadrus : 9" (229 mm) , Data Matrix, QR,RSS Family, PDF417, Micro PDF, Linear Bar Codes
       - MS-Q Basic : 20" (508 mm) , Data Matrix,QR, RSS Family,PDF417, Micro PDF,Linear Bar Codes
       OMRON Microscan barcode scanner Product :: Accessories
       - IB-880 Interface Box, IB-105, IB-131, Adapter Box, Mounting Plates, MS CONNECT 5100 , Mounting Arms
Microscan Scanner: Microscan Scanners lead the industry in fixed-mount scanners and decoders for industrial and assembly line applications.
Microscan Quadrus EZ :: Microscan Quadrus Mini ::OMRON Microscan Quadrus Verifier :: Microscan MS-Q Quadrus :: Microscan MS-Q Basic :: Microscan MS-3 Laser :: Microscan MS-3 CCD ::OMRON Microscan MS-3 Engine :: Microscan MS-4 Imager :: Microscan MS-710 :: Microscan MS-820 :: Microscan QX-830 :: Microscan MS-860 :: Microscan QX-870 ::OMRON Microscan MS-880 :: Microscan MS-890 :: Microscan MS-9 ::OMRON Microscan MS-911 :: Microscan MS-5000 :: Microscan Reader MS-890 MS-860 MS-820 2D 코드 리더 Quadrus-EZ® (DataMatrix/PDF417/RSS/QR) Quadrus 미니 Quadrus MINI ESD Quadrus MINI 3 Quadrus MINI Velocity Quadrus Verifier LightRay Optics MS-Q Quadrus MS-Q Basic OEM/내장 바코드 스캐너 MS-1 MS-2 CCD MS-3 레이저 MS-4 임베디드 이미저 Microscan Reader: Microscan Scanners lead the industry in fixed-mount scanners and decoders for industrial and assembly line applications. Quadrus EZ Quadrus Mini Quadrus Verifier MS-Q Quadrus MS-Q Basic MS3 Laser MS3 CCD MS3 Engine MS4 MS710 MS820 MS860 MS880 MS9 MS911 MS5000 MS5100 Machine Vision Systems : Visionscape Smart Camera (formerly HawkEye 1600T) Visionscape Machine Vision Software Visionscape GigE Complete Machine Vision Inspection Solution Visionscape Machine Vision Boards Machine Vision Lighting Area Array Illuminators Large Area LED Lighting Illuminators Dome Illuminators Backlights Dark Field Illuminators DOAL/COAL Illuminators SCDI Illuminators CDI Illuminators Multi-Axis Illuminators Engineered Solutions MS-96 Vial Reader Instrument and Tool Reader EZ Match Color Compact Imager & Cap Inspector I-PAK Package Inspection System Auto ID Barcode Readers MS-1 Scan Engine MS-2 Ultra-Compact CCD Reader MS-3 Compact Laser Barcode Scanner MS-9 High Speed Barcode Scanner QX-830 Compact Industrial Laser Scanner QX-870 Industrial Raster Laser Scanner MS-890 Industrial Automation Scanner Auto ID 2D Barcode Readers and Verifiers MS-4 Ultra-Compact Imager Quadrus® MINI Imagers Series Quadrus MINI Velocity Imager MINI Hawk Imager Series Quadrus EZ Smart Camera HawkEye 1500 DPM Barcode Reader Series QX Hawk Flexible Industrial Imager Quadrus Verifier for Data Matrix UID DPM Compliance Verifier UID LDP Compliance Verifier Auto ID Handheld Barcode Scanners and Imagers HS-1 Handheld Barcode Reader HS-2D Handheld Imager MS-Q Basic Handheld Imager MS-Q Quadrus Handheld Imager HawkEye 40T High Performance Handheld Imager HawkEye 45T Handheld Imager with Integrated Display Mobile Hawk Highest Performance Handheld DPM Imager Auto ID Software and Connectivity TTC Software DMx Auto ID+ Barcode Reading Software DMx Verifier+ Data Matrix Verification Software ESP Easy Setup Program Software EZ Trax™ Image Capture & Storage Software MS-Connect 210 Connectivity Solution with Ethernet MS-Connect 5100 Concentrator & Protocol Converter Auto ID Accessories QX-1 TTC Control Box IB-890 DN-120 IC-3USB IB-131 IB-150 IB-151IB-152 IB-3PC IC-332

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